The Story

The Story 2017-03-07T03:42:23+00:00

My story is about what what I can do for you. What problems can I solve for you?

  • I will act in your best interests as a Mentor
  • I will help you recruit the right talent to help you succeed
  • I will help you design a great culture – the best competitive advantage you can acquire
  • I will create coaching and behavioural frameworks that replace outdated ‘performance management’ systems
  • I will help you create diversity – crucial to start-up and business success (and no, that’s not just about diversity in gender and age)
  • I will help educate you on how to manage geographically dispersed staff
  • I will create systems that support growth (I’m passionate about systems theory and practice)
  • I help your people (or potential people) understand and work towards your vision
  • I will help you get balance back into your life
  • I will help you develop and transform your level of self-awareness
  • I will help you get more satisfying results quickly
  • I help you retain your originality as a successful start-up

What I don’t do

  • I will not turn you into another corporation
  • I  will not use inhumane recruitment ‘systems’ like Applicant Tracking ‘Systems’ or recruit clones of employees
  • I will not create soul destroying HR policies and procedures (I can do that but we live in the new world)
  • I focus on what value I provide for you thus I do not provide unpaid services

I’m all about culture and systems.   “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (In the apparent words of Peter Drucker but variations  abound)