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Start-ups have a problem to solve. Once they grow they need people.

Start-ups may have funding such as venture capital or government grants which grow your product. You cannot grow products without people. 

Like many traditional businesses, start-ups in the growth phase are at significant risk of failure.

From the words of Dave McClure, co-founder of 500 Start-ups “Even with access to capital, companies dwindle in number as they move through the accelerator, seed, and series A and B stages’


Because help is hard to find to create great systems and people.  It’s been called the “human capital crisis’ and it is creating unnecessary stress for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups. Human capital is what I do. It starts with getting the best people on board and then putting in the best systems to support your talent.  To use start-up language, I am a Mentor. How important am I to your success? 

Nina Vaca, chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, and one of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship explains:

“No mentorship means less human capital, which means limited access to financial capital, and also no leeway for failure. The culture of your start-up is critical to success” 

That’s a statement that underpins all of the work I do with start-ups. Call today to discuss how I can build your human capital to take your start-up to the next level.