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Do you need to be somewhere?

Of course! CEOs always need to be somewhere. At a board meeting justifying their every move to Directors and possibly shareholders. Putting out endless ‘spot fires’ with their senior managers. Spending endless hours on a plane away from their families because they manage across states and countries and don’t trust anyone or any system to take on these tasks for them.

I’m making it sound stressful but in all the years I’ve spent working with CEOs, I know very few who are energised, inspired or joyful about their role. The CEOs I work with have enough self-awareness to know that the environment they work in has to change. It is cut throat now – most CEOs get 3 years maximum to make an impact and if the share price drops maybe 12 months. It’s a broken model – an old model in a new business world.

I mentor with CEOs to solve problems (big, juicy problems)

  • I start with systems evaluation – meaning I look at the overall ecosystem you are working in to understand how all the components are working together in your organisation
  • I interview and work with the people you are leading  (my number one talent is inspiring people to tell me the hard truth about your organisation and use my systems thinking skills to detect patterns)
  • I can mentor you through the development of the critical skill of self-awareness – 15 years ago I became dedicated towards developing my own self-awareness to transform my life and work
  • I then help you create a ‘culture of self-development’ so that you can become a true leader and not a manager and start enjoying your life as a CEO or senior executive
  • I help you embrace the new economic and leadership models that will be needed to succeed in this period of humanity

Call me today to talk to me about how I can help you.