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I design transformative systems to help start-ups and CEOs create cutting-edge culture and diversity. I signed up to the Royal Australian Air Force when I was 17. After 6 years, I left for the private sector working in corporate aviation with companies such as News limited and Consolidated Press. I then changed direction and began a 9-year journey coaching, mentoring, recruiting and team leading in the Federal government. During this period, I also researched and wrote speeches for Members of Parliament.

I served as a Board Director at Open Minds between 2010-2013. With revenue of $25.7 million, it is a leading not-for-profit that works with people to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. For the last 5 years in my consulting practice, I have focused on developing a mentoring relationship with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and small business owners to create optimal culture and systems that drive economic growth without compromising the health and well-being of their passionate employees.

I offer a unique prospective to my consultancy practice. In 2005, I was involved in a serious car accident where I acquired a severe brain injury. Using the power of neuroplasticity and steely determination, I rewired my brain and 4 years later, completed a Masters in Dispute Resolution and hiked to Everest Base camp. I have completed a manuscript for my book “How to put your brain back together” and several publishers are currently considering my book for publication.

I was elected in 2016 to my second Board Director appointment at Roost Creative, a community of independent emerging creative and established industry mentors.

My distinctive personal recovery journey gives me the ability to create “out of the box solutions” for leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to grow in a culture of prosperity.


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